Monday, April 22, 2013

Get your Garmin 910XT and heart rate strap for $449.00, shipped free, shipped asap

If you have read this blog for any length of time, you would know that I'm a HUGE proponent of Garmin products, in specific their multisport watches.

I started off with the 310XT and upgraded last Christmas to the 910XT.

I've reviewed the Timex Global trainer, and while it's a good first step, it's lagging behind Garmin's second edition of the triathlon specific watch.

After training with the 910XT for nearly 4 months, I have hardly any complaints.
  • They upgraded the indoor swimming feature to count laps and measure efficiency.  It does have issues with over-counting every now and again, but it's 95 percent accurate and you can adjust the distance later in Garmin Connect.
  • It measures everything you could want on the bike.  Cadence.  Speed.  Heart rate.  Power.  Distance.  It's all there.  If someone has made an ANT compatible sensor, odds are the 910XT will read it.
  • Open water swimming has been improved to cut down on the jumping around, but any GPS unit you use will not really hold much accuracy when it goes under water.  Unfortunately you need GPS replication under water and good luck finding that, ever.  No watch will give you that.  And, you cannot use the lap pool feature since there are no turns for the sensors in the 910XT to pick up to count your laps.  Only real bust, but there's nothing you can do.  At least it's waterproof and if you wear it in your swim cap, it works pretty well.

It's just the top of the line.

And, I have the in's if you want the 910XT with heart rate strap for $449 (plus tax) and free shipping.  My connections at Lifetime Fitness can ship the 910XT anywhere in the continental US for free.  All you have to do is drop me a line at and I will get you in there.  If you live in the KC area and want to swing by the Lenexa Lifetime Fitness to get it, let me know.

HURRY!  Deal is up this Sunday, April 28.

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