Thursday, May 23, 2013

USAT Level 1 Coaching Certification Progress

So, when I ventured into the realm of coaching, I decided I needed the USAT cert.

And last weekend I headed to Iowa for the 2 day crash course clinic.  I left after work Thursday, drove 3.5 hours to Des Moines.  Showed up for class from 7:15am to 5pm Friday and Saturday.  Jammed in a CEU class Friday night from 6am to 9pm.  Then hit the road Saturday night at 5pm to get home after a 3.5 hour drive and get ready for the 5150 Kansas Triathlon Sunday (that I opted out of due to weather concerns).

Then, I was able to help with kids again Sunday after getting back from the no-go triathlon and basically have been on the run ever since.  It's been intense lately, but it's all been good since I'm eating it up.

It was tough being on the road for 3 days and eating properly.  At our house we have adjusted our diets to be more mindful of what we are eating (more so than in the past) and it's yielding great results.  I opted to pack food for the trip and get more at the store once in Iowa.  It's not ideal to have to travel with a cooler and groceries, but it ended up being economical and it's way better than eating out for 3 meals a day.

I packed more food than clothes...

It was a LOT of coordination to make the clinic happen.  I still have to take the final test before any information leaks out of my brain, but I have my sights set on this weekend or early next week.

There was a great deal of information from coaches like Bobby McGee (google him if you don't know - he has coached Olympians) and other coaches from the ITU and age group ranks.  Great insight into nutrition, strength training, training and planning for athletes.  A lot of ideas and theologies discussed as the USAT way luckily agreed with what I have come to learn with the progression in endurance sports.  It was easy to understand and go along with since it blended in with my own beliefs and styles.

I believe this clinic will greatly enhance what I have to offer my clients in the form of training and advice for endurance training and events.  It even applies to general fitness training.  It also allows me access to great coaches for advice on ideas that I may not have experience on to get their opinion and how to implement those ideas into training and racing.

Huge thank you to my wife for keeping the home front nailed down while I was gone.  Working full time and heading up two toddlers on your own is tough work.  I get my come-upins when she heads out for a business trip in a few weeks, though.  =)

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