Monday, July 1, 2013

2013 Kansas City Double Road Race Recap - 6/30/13

So... I wasn't really "racing" per say, but I signed up for a Double Road Race.
What's a Double Road Race, you may ask?

Well, let me give you the condensed version.

You line up and run a 10k.  Then, around 45 minutes later you line up again and run a 5k.  Essentially you are running a 15k in total, but with a half time.  If you want the long story, check out the site -  They have Billy Mills behind them and supposedly the race in KC was the 2nd ever like this.

Funny, you can basically to it in reverse by signing up for the 5k and 10k at the Groundhog Run in KC since they run each distance separately.  It's an interesting concept, and has its merits and detractions, but it's not exactly the newest concept - just marketed more publicly now.

After running it, it was nice hammering a 10k and then hammering a 5k.  I like getting at least 9 miles in at an inexpensive event and by running in the break, it works out for a supported long run day.

On the other hand, you could just run 9 miles around home, or find a 15k that seems to be popping up lately.

Anyway, on to the race.
  • I loaded up pre-race the day before as any good athlete should.
  • 7 brownies with M and M's spaced throughout the day.
  • 1 small Culvers chocolate malt for dessert after dinner.
  • 1 Chipotle Burrito for lunch.
  • 1 southwest style chicken casadia dinner at the movies with chips and queso for an appetizer.  2 tea/lemonade drinks to wash it down.

It was my cheat day (I do a day, not just a meal) and I lived it up.  Props to Em for suggesting Chipotle for lunch.... mmmmmmm.

I kind of had goals.
It was first and foremost training. I wanted to get my running miles in first, competing for time, second.

I rode my bike to the event since it was 13 miles away.  Start was at 7:30, so just threw the running shoes in a backpack and headed to the race.  It was a good way to change it up and mix up the workout component so it wasn't just a standard drive to the event, run, and then drive home.  I have a short attention pan for that.  Hence racing triathlons.  ;)

Once in the race, pending how I was feeling, I was either going to go all out or just go for the miles.  The goal was miles, stay injury free and ride home.

I felt good and went with it...
The course was great.  Relatively flat with a few uphill and downhills.  It was a great course for a PR attempt at the 10k and 5k distance.

The first couple of miles went quick, so I felt good and pushed it to the max.  My goal was to stay above 165 bpm for the entire 10k, and that wasn't a problem.  The same could be said for the 5k race.  In between I went for a 4 mile run staying around 150 bpm.  Not enough to exactly wear me out, but enough to keep me warm and lose.

The temps were in the 70's and it was almost cold in the shade with a breeze.  That's ridiculous for June 30 in Kansas.  Crazy talk.  It was as good of a running day as you could get and the course was in a business park area covered by mature trees to shade the course and deflect any wind.

On to the results.
I must be doing something right.

10k - 43:25 - New PR - 5 / 23 in age group - 57 / 359 overall
5k - 20:39 - New PR - 2 / 23 in age group - 43 / 359 overall
DRR Combined - 1:04:04 - New PR by default - 4 / 23 in age group - 53 / 359 overall

Parting thoughts.
  • Honestly I didn't think I would come out and PR a 10k and 5 k double road race in each distance after biking 13 miles and running 4 miles in between events.
  • I wonder what I could have done without biking there and running 4 miles between events.
  • So close to the sub 20 5k.  So close...
  • For getting top 5 in my age group, I got another larger medal and stood on the podium, which was a first and pretty sweet.  The down side was I had to wait 2 hours after the 5k to get it.  I found out I was 5th for the 10k in my age group, so I waited for 5k results that took 30ish minutes after the 5k to get posted.  Then, they verified some world records for the winners which made the awards drag out.  Finally, I was able to grab my medal and bike home.  Not before my wife was a little worried why I was so late getting home and the fact I left my phone at home.  Oh well.  The price I pay for being speedy for once?  ;)
  • I'm not really sure why they had a guy dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow wondering around.  He was mildly entertaining, but I wasn't really sure what the connection was or who invited him.  Odd.
Some pictures from the event:

From - Billy Mills handing awards out.

Nice medals - that's what she said.

From - One of these runners does not look like the others....
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