Wednesday, August 14, 2013

2013 Jackson County Long Course Triathlon preview

So, we've got the last tune-up triathlon before Ironman Lake Tahoe.

The Jackson County triathlon is this Sunday and this marks the 8th straight year I've been racing this particular triathlon.  I started off at the sprint distance the first two years and moved to the long course the past 5 years.

I would go back and forth about past performances to compare to how I think I will do this weekend, but there had been glitches on the course that shorted some swims that throw off the finish times.

I'd like to think I have improved in my swimming, but to think I can swim 1000 meters in 8 minutes is a stretch in 2011.

I have improved in overall place each year, if that makes a difference.

In reality, my main objectives are...

Go all out, regardless of how I feel from the IM training workload.  This week is a built in low week, so it's sort of a taper, but not really.  There will probably be some lead in the legs.

And, to stay injury free.  No pulling anything and no crashing.  Good goals to have I guess.  ;)

What to expect on each leg.

Swim - 1000 meters - lets go with a solid below 2:00 per 100 meters.  My workouts average 1:45 to 1:50 in the pool with drills and rest time and without a wetsuit.  With the cool weather in KC of late, I'm hoping for wetsuit legal, but I have a Zoot speed suit just in case.  Lets say 1:40 for  17ish minutes for the two loop swim course.

Bike - My best time on the 26 miles is 1:10.  My speed is comparable to last year so far, so I'm not expecting a huge time savings here.  Lets go with 1:15 for some fudge factor.

Run - I've been feeling good about the run.  I'm hoping to at least match my best run time and pump out at least a 37 minute run.  Maybe feel super good and go for a 35 minute 5 miler.

So, give around 1:30 for each transition and add 3 minutes.

The total looks around 2:11 (let me know if my math is off).  That would be around my 2009 time.  It should be interesting.

In the end...

It's a fun course that's been a tradition for me.  The weather is looking to be perfect and maybe even a little chilly.  I'm looking forward to getting another event in to work out any kinks and try and give it everything I have to see what I can do with the extra training for IM Tahoe I have been putting in.

30 mph bike split?  7 min/mile run splits?

Probably not.  ;)

Check back in next week for results!
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