Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What's post-Ironman training look like 3 weeks after?

It's been an odd mixture since Ironman Lake Tahoe...

Obviously I didn't want to push it and start back into a routine too soon and injure myself after the race.  I felt good 3 days after the race and managed a few swims, bike rides and I think I ran the kids to school Friday morning the week after.

All told, the week after Ironman Lake Tahoe was under 6 hours of "working out".  Really, my goals were to get the body moving, don't push it and just enjoy a few workouts with no real goals.

Two weeks out was a little over 8 hours as I do have the Kansas City Marathon on the horizon on October 19th.  I signed up a LONG time ago with early entry in the chances I was feeling good enough to go 26.2 miles a month after an Ironman.

So, most of that week was running and not getting too aggressive.

Three weeks out was a 11.5 hour week with most of that being running.  I felt good minus a few patella tendinitis flare-ups. Sadly it was my shoes that I ran IMLT in and they need to be retired.  They felt great, but it was time.

It's been different shifting to mostly running.  My cycling needed work leading into Lake Tahoe and will be a big focus in the winter.  After the Kansas City Marathon, I'm looking to get more time on the saddle than running, which with cooling temps will mean more time in the basement grinding on the trainer.  Joy.  ;)

All things being equal, I feel pretty good.

And have had no real setbacks from racing a tough Ironman course.

It's even crazy to say that I am looking forward to IM Chattanooga with Ride to Give.  My first marathon in 2005 and you could not have paid me enough to run another one for a few years.  My how times have changed.

So, for now I'm sweating it out being "that guy" running with too much Ironman gear, hanging with the kiddos and pickin pumpkins!

So, keep on the lookout for deals for Ironman Chattanooga and Ride to Give!

Right now we have 60% off at Xterra Wetsuits with code C-SETTHEPACE and 35 percent off at Sunrinity Health for a 60 minute massage when you book and appointment between now and October 26 and mention

I'm looking to get more activities going local for discounts and fundraisers.

It's also comfortable since IM Choo isn't until September 28, so a little time to get back into the swing of Ironman training.

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