Wednesday, November 6, 2013

2014 Ironman Chattanooga training, sort of...

So, after declaring myself recovered from the KC marathon, I suppose you could call this the start of IM Choo training...

Last week was a good week of "training".  I put that in quotations in regards to the fact the swimming, biking, running and strength training I'm doing is more along the lines of for fun more than with a goal in mind for each workout.  In the off season, I try and mentally recuperate by not stressing about workout goals and just focus on getting some good miles in and enjoying the fall weather.

I'm leaning more bike heavy to capitalize on the bike friendly weather before it gets too cold in these parts and forces my indoors on to the trainer.  I hate being cold and I hate not being able to feel my toes.

At this point, I feel strong and recovered enough that I can go out for a 2 hour ride or 1 hour run without worry of over-training or doing damage too close to completing a big event.  It's pretty much fair game on any kind of workout and locking back down on a pattern of training. Which, I'm still adjusting to daylight savings shift and I'm feeling all wacky from that, if you can get wacky from an hour shift.

But, it's hard this far out from IM Choo with the base from last year to feel like I'm embarking on anything abnormally different than a regular off season training load.  It's nothing too taxing and it won't get very interesting as far as intensity and volume for a few months.  Just trying to maintain a level of fitness to be able to hit the workouts hard when it comes time to buckle down.  Kind of like studying on summer break to stay sharp for classes that start in the fall, as twisted as that may sound.

Here's a look at last week's "fun" training week:
SWIMMING : 1.14 miles
BIKING : 87 miles
RUNNING : 15 miles
STRENGTH : 1 hour
TOTAL TIME : 10:08
TOTAL MILES : 106 miles

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween and stay trained, my friends.
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