Friday, February 14, 2014

Xterra #Wetsuit sale - Triathlon Training Bundle for $119 - Use code "C-SETTHEPACE" #Triathlon #swimming

Our great partners, Xterra wetsuits, is having a sale on the Triathlon Training Bundle until Feb 14th!  It's located in the Wetsuit sale section of products.

Speed Dating Training Bundle

“Cold feet” is nothing more than a figure of speech when you own a pair of LAVA Booties. Made of 2mm 4-way stretch neoprene, these booties are form fitting and insulating for cold water swims, paddleboarding, surfing or boating.

Flex panels on the top of the foot and above the heel allow for comfortable movement while durable stitching holds the bootie in place. The ergonomic textured outsole provides stability and traction aboard wet surfaces and helps to protect your feet in rocky waters.

Surfers and paddleboarders on the cusp of two sizes can size up for a more comfortable fit. LAVA Booties can be worn inside flippers and dive boots for extra warmth and comfort.

LAVA Pants replace your pull buoy during swim training. Competitive swimmers love the lift of LAVA Pants, which allows them to focus on refining technique and adding power to their stroke. Recreational swimmers benefit from better body positioning and greater energy efficiency.

Also get a mesh bag and race belt with the training bundle!

Check out the deals below and hit and use code "C-SETTHEPACE" at checkout to get the best price!

Thanks for the support!

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