Thursday, March 13, 2014

2014 @AsicsAmerica @LAMarathon blogger challenge team in depth #BetterYourBest

In all of the ASICS LA Marathon posts, you probably noticed a lot of mentions of the Blogger Challenge Team.

ASICS had the awesome idea to get some grass roots involvement from the blogger community and rounded up a team from all parts of the country to run the 2014 ASICS LA Marathon.

There was no standout qualification of marathon performance required.  We had BQ runners, triathletes, trail runners and marathon maniacs.  We had a wide variety and the common theme was our obsession with sharing the passion on the internet.  Afterall, it was the BLOGGER challenge, not RUNNER challenge.  ;)

This will probably be as close to I come to being a sponsored athlete.  I mean, we basically were.  They covered every detail from registration to travel to lodging.  We were bussed around to the expo and various events rubbing shoulders with elites like Ryan Hall and Andy Potts.  We were given access to Olympic coaches like Andrew Kastor and his wife, Deena (world record holder, Olympic marathoner... no big deal right).

But, in addition to the experience, I met 10 other passionate endurance athletes each with their own unique experiences and makeup.  Everyone was genuine and a great person to meet.  At times, I felt out of my league in the realm of twitter, facebook and instagram etiquette.  We all bonded with geeking out over elite athlete meetups and war stories of a hot rugged 2014 LA Marathon.  You couldn't have asked for a better and more diverse group of runners.

I just wanted to dedicate a post to the crew and give them a shout out.

Anne Mauney

Twitter: @fANNEtasticfood

Beth Risdon

Twitter: @ShutUpRun

Jess Underhill

Twitter: @RacePaceJess

Mark Newman

Twitter: @marathoner

Michele Gonzalez

Twitter: @nycrunningmama

Monica Olivas

Twitter: @RunEatRepeat

Rachel Steffan

Twitter: @RunningRachel

Brian Kelley

Twitter: @PavementRunner

Kristin Stehly

Twitter: @stuftmama
Instagram: @stuftmama

Jamie Walker

Blog: |
Twitter: @FitApproach | @jamiewalker19

Mark in the back this time, Beth running off to give her camera for a picture... it was like herding cats.  ;)

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