Friday, April 11, 2014

2014 Rock the Parkway half marathon preview

Races are just popping up all over the place now!

Saturday is Rock the Parkway half marathon.  It's quickly becoming one of the biggest half marathons around Kansas City.  I have been racing in the event since its start in 2010.  The first year I ran the 10k (when they had it) and every year after it's been my PR race for the half marathon distance.  Well, except for last year when I missed my PR by 43 seconds... oh the agony.  Not really.  I didn't think I could come close to matching my PR last year, but 43 seconds off isn't half bad.


Would I like a new PR?  Sure.  Would I like a sub 1:30 half marathon?  Sure.  Do I think I can pull it off with the LA Marathon training under my belt and the added training from Ironman Texas coming up in May?  Maybe.

I have not tapered at all for this race.  I'll take it easy Friday and maybe just swim, but IM Texas is the focus and I'm going to make sure I get that in before I drop workouts to get a PR at Rock the Parkway.

My goal is to get a warm up run in, run the race hard, and then get the rest of my miles in for my scheduled 21 miles for the day.  It'll be interesting, but I did set my current half PR of 1:37:13 after I rode my bike to the race 17 miles from my house and then rode back home.  Contemplating riding to and from this year as well.  Nice long brick training day.


76 for a high?  58 for a low?  Yes please!  There is a chance of rain and some breeze, but that's a heck of a lot better than 40's and rain.  Makes riding to the event much more tempting.

Why am I racing it?

At this point it's become tradition.  I used to work where the race started and it was sweet to park at the building and stay inside until it started.  Now, I've ran it every year and I figure I should keep running until I've been in it for like 30 years, right?  Be one of those legacy people that could say they ran it every year.  That would be cool, eh?

That and it's a fast course.  It gives me a reason to stay on my running game in the winter to be ready to pound the pavement come April.

Happy running this weekend!
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