Monday, April 21, 2014

4 weeks until 2014 Ironman Texas!?

And what in the world am I doing!?

It doesn't feel like Ironman training.  It's been a tough road to hoe with work and family life.  Training has not been to the volume I would have liked.  I'm hoping that the LA Marathon training can carry my aerobic conditioning as getting on the bike has be almost non-existant for IM triathlon training.

Honestly, I'm a little nervous.  I think I will be able to finish, but the problem could be the bike in the heat.  I need to really focus on fluids, electrolytes and sodium.  I have a few tricks in my bag, but the bike leg is going to be slow and I'm not sure how it will affect the run.  I have stayed pretty true to my run volume and training, but last week I missed all of my swims due to work travel and missed a few hours of bike riding.  Not to mention, I've not been on the road much due to weather.  Hoping I'm doing enough on the trainer to make it happen.  Also aiming a heater at myself on the trainer to get heat training.  ;)

So, with that, here's what last week's forced rest week looked like.

RUNNING : 42 miles
BIKING : 102 miles
SWIMMING : 0 miles... do'h
TOTAL TIME :  13:12 hours

Uggg... no swimming.  That stinks.  I'm hoping to get all 3 swims in this week to stay on track.  This is really the last week to get a big volume week in.  I need to taper after this to avoid being overtrained for race day.  No sense in trying to make up for lost time by cramming at the last minute.  It will do nothing but hurt in the end.

Stay tuned for this week's raffle contest for Power Crunch bars!
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