Wednesday, July 22, 2015

2015 Ironman Boulder on the horizon : thoughts : @AsicsAmerica updates #GelQuantum360

I'm down, but not out.

Plantar Fasciitis... I have it going wild and it sucks.  It started right as we left for vacation after a long run and has been bugging me ever since.

What I have I been doing to get rid of or minimize it before IM Boulder in 1.5 weeks?

Of course I ran on it a few times before realizing I was causing more issues and making it a lot worse.  Stubborn.  Bull headed.  Whatever.  I tried some trusted shoe models.  Stretched more diligently before runs, but ultimately it's a factor of not running to heal.  I've done some damage from not dedicating enough time to warm ups, using improper shoes and using shoes with too many miles.  There's a laundry list of factors, and I'm addressing them in the weeks leading up to Boulder.

For the past 2.5 weeks, and the week leading up to Boulder, it's elliptical only.  It's not the same, but it's the closest to running I can get without pain.  I couldn't even pool run.  Just pushing off irritated the PF.

Aleve has been my friend.  Large dose in the morning, very small dose before bed to get some good sleep.  As time has passed, the pain has subsided to non-existent for normal daily activities.  I'm reducing pain meds to minimum as possible in order to get maximum benefit on race day.  Yes, Aleve will be in my transition and special needs bags!

Straussburg sock at night before bed.  I cannot wear those things at night when sleeping as it wakes me up, but I try to hang my feet off the bed to not put them in position that shortens the achilles and promotes improper healing.  I can wear it for the few minutes between putting the kids down and going to sleep.

Proper warm ups and cool downs.  Warm up gently, dynamic stretching and then go after the workout.  After the workout, ample time stretching statically and getting some length back in the calf and achilles.  I have been better about doing this as opposed to not at all in the past, but it's been too short of time and not warmed up gently enough.  I'm getting old...

Massage.  My dude Kent at Thoroughly Kneaded Muscle Therapy has beat me up.  He's brutally attacked the heel and calf to get recovery stimulated and have the healing align with the tendons and not criss-cross which makes for a weaker structure.  Look it up.  ART is not hot air.  It's real and if you keep injury a certain body part, this could be key to get it to heal effective and be stronger in the long run.

I've messed around with shoe inserts and they just aren't doing it.  I figure if it hurts my feet just walking around, it's probably not helping.  I've been blessed with a blitz of ASICS shoes to try and while I have my staples, I might have used the new models a little too overzealously in my training runs.  Traditionally I go with the Gel 1100 series, GT 1000 or 2000 series or the Tri Noosa's.  Sadly I'm out of 1100's and GT's.  I don't have enough time to break a pair in with elliptical runs, so I needed an option I have already broken in.  That left me with the Gel Kayano 21's, Tri Noosa 8's and the Gel Quantum 360's.  Unfortunately the Kayano's weren't feeling good with the PF and the Noosa's are too rigid in the heel for the PF.  BUT, the new Quantum 360's are EXCELLENT!  They feel great just wearing for every day and for elliptical work.  Since I have had them for a few weeks and wearing them, I feel comfortable they are worn in enough to tackle IM Boulder.

So that's the plan.  Hit the bike and swim hard, run on elliptical only til race day, pain management meds full force for the race and a lot of prayer and rest and recovery / therapy.  I'm crossing my fingers that I have enough miles in the bank to get me to the finish line and enough Aleve to get me through the run.  ;)
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