Friday, February 25, 2011

New Rules


So I posted a while back about swimming lane rules... and a new one came to mind as I jumped into the pool this morning.

9.  If you have a wound requiring a band aid, and you insist on swimming with that wound, please remove the band aid before jumping in the pool so those of us that find that band aid floating in the pool after your swim can keep our ignorance and pretend that no one with open sores is swimming in the pool.  Kind of like peeing in the pool.  Don't ask, don't tell and remove the evidence.

Biking : 58 miles, all inside... sadly
Running : 8.5 miles, looking for a 10 miler this weekend
Swimming : 4500, opportunities to get the the pool didn't pan out as well as I had hoped this week.

I need to get more swimming in.  I'm happy getting 3 of biking and running workouts in per week, but getting to the pool has been a difficult task.  Thank goodness we have a treadmill at home or biking would be it.

Macca is eyeing Olympics over defending his Ironman 2010 title.
Triathletes venture into P90X and allpying it to triathlons.
Kansas City Endurance Events this weekend.
Ironman lottery entry for Kona 2011 closing next week!

Scott Askins reviews FLUID RECOVERY drink.  Anyone else out there tried it?  Like it?  Hate it?  Also check out Scott's blog as he keeps blogland posted on his trials and tribulations through the 2011 race season!
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