Monday, March 14, 2011

Another Week

Mondays just keep coming.  I think Monday should be classified with death and taxes as far as you can count on them no matter what.

Biking : 60 miles
Running : 18.5 miles
Swimming : 8000 yards

Got my pool swim in Saturday so that was nice.  It does create a bit of a hassle to drive to the pool and drive back home.  It adds 45 minutes to the workout just to get there.  There are pools closer, but not where I have a membership.  So, you have to do what you can.

Odd weather here in KC.  Snow today, 60's and 70's mid to the end of the week.  With gas going above $3.50 a gallon here, might look into trying to bike to work a few days.  Tis the season...

Wrote my opinion about tri shorts vs bike shorts.  Used to be a bike shorts guy but this season I will be converting.

They are the second #1 seed, which is good (I think they should have topped OSU, but whatever), but they are with Notre Dame which a lot of people had as a 1 seed.  Notre Dame is a 2 seed in KU's bracket and that's a tough bracket with Louisville and Purdue.  Seems like they should have had a easier bracket as the second 1 seed, but they only have to travel to OK and TX to get to the final four.

Not that I blindly think they will make the final four, but I'm just saying.

Now on to figuring out the bracket and figuring out the new NCAA money grab by adding more games Tuesday and Wednesday!
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