Friday, March 11, 2011

Gym Rats On Parade

Since I have been living in the gym in the AM the entire winter... I notice many things while sprinting my way to better fitness on the treadmills.

In addition to swim rules, I have noticed treadmill/aerobic machine etiquette gaffs.

Such as, older-not-really-in-shape-too-chatty guy on the treadmill strategically walking and "jogging" on the mill next to an attractive girl.  To his credit it's the same gal every morning, but she's running along minding her business and he'll start chatting her up.  I can't tell if she is just being nice or genuinely interested in talking to this guy.  As far as I can tell, they are gym acquaintances and nothing more.

THEN, he'll hit the elliptical next to the attractive girl... and chat her up.  The look on her face and body language is clearly, "dude, I'm busy".  Then, he hits the weights.

I don't know about you but I'm there for my workout, not social hour unless I see someone I know.  Maybe you gals think differently?

I must say, props to the girl that looked maybe 7 months prego power walking the treadmill!  I was sprinting intervals for 50 minutes and she was there before and after me.  You go girl.  Maybe she was trying to kick start labor.

Another pool rule - girls with long hair, PLEASE wear swim caps.  Catching long hair in my face while swimming laps isn't cool.  =)

Biking : 60 miles
Running : 9.5 miles - looking for a 9er tomorrow.
Swimming : 5000 yards - looking for another 3000 tomorrow.

I don't know how you early spring IM racers train indoors for 2 or more hours.  I did 1:45 for 35 miles and I was ready to be done at the end.  I can only imagine a 5 or 6 hours trainer ride... barf.

By now you probably all have heard about Sally Meyerhoff being struck by a truck while riding her bicycle.  Sad stuff.  Be careful on the roads!
Check out the events around Kansas City this weekend!
Also, if you ride a Rocky Mountain Bicycle, check out this recall.

KU vs Colorado tonight.  Lets send the Buffs into the Pac 10 with 18 straight losses to KU and no Big 12 tourney championship!
MU, K-state, what happened?  Way to show up.
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