Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Interval Tuesday... zzzzzzzzzzz

Man was it hard getting my rear out of bed.  I.... just..... could..... not.... get.... past the snooze button. My wife probably enjoyed it as well. NOT. Thanks to Em for putting up with me up at the crack of dawn and I'm sure waking her up every time. She's a good sport.

I probably sleep walked the first four sets of intervals I ran this morning.  BUT, they were OUTSIDE!  Hooray for Kansas warming up!  I'm trying to take advantage of training outdoors as much as possible and losing the dreadmill for the season.  =)  But I will say, with the treadmill you have more accurate control of your intervals whereas running outside you are going by perceived exertion unless you are watching your garmin speed the entire time.. without tripping or getting run over not watching traffic.

And the men's locker room.... some words are best left unsaid.  I would post some rules but I'm sure it would leave you all aghast at what happens in there and what some of us most be "exposed" to.
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