Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday, We Meet Again

It came, I conquered... sort of.

Got in 23 miles OUTSIDE!  I was hoping to do a short BRIK run, but time got me and I needed to get out the door for work.  But, it was unusually calm this morning.  No wind, hardly a breeze... don't get me wrong, I LOVED it as nothing jacks up my rides more than a strong wind that adds 20 minutes to a ride and make me late for the day.

But Kansas without wind is like snow without clouds, thunder with no rain, triathlon with no bike leg... it just does not make sense and is WAY TOO MUCH PRESSURE!  Ahh!

Ok, maybe not that extreme.  But ride in, Jayhawks in sweet 16, I'm #1 in all of my march madness brackets, Monday is good.  Lets keep it that way!

Last week:
Biking : 55 miles - wanted one more ride, oh well
Running : 20 miles
Swimming : 7000 yards - wanted one more swim, oh well

My bike averages are not where I want them.  I'm getting my miles in but I can tell my hill strength fizzled on the trainer this winter.  BUT, definitely getting outside when I can so hopefully it comes back.  Not going to press it.  =)

Write on Steve in a Speedo's race report for the Christchurch Virtual 5k.  Next up Japan Virtual 5k?

Back to the sweet 16 and the road to final four is through a 12, 11 or a 10 seed.  Can't get prettier than that and if they do make the final four, Pitt lost so they would not face another #1 in the semi-final.  Time to break out the obnoxious KU tie for work!

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