Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kansas Bombs Against VCU

Rarely do I dedicate an entire post to Kansas Basketball, but after today's disappointment of #1 KU losing to #11 VCU, to keep everything in perspective, I must dedicate this post:

  • After the loss, I wasn't compelled to watch post game interviews so I was able to catch the tale end of Karate Kid and the start of the Blues Brothers.
    • "Sweep the leg... you have a problem with that, Mr. Lawrence...?"
    • SCMODS - State, County, Municipal Offenders Data System...
    • I'm on a mission from God.
  • My weekends are now sports free until August when the Chiefs fire up.  I don't care about NBA, NHL or MLB.  Think of all that free time!
  • At least the 6 month old son was in a good mood and didn't care about the outcome!
  • I have a year to get a better KU tie than the obnoxious one I had to wear to work for next year's first round when KU has all the hope in the world that maybe, just maybe this year will be different.
  • Who cares about brackets!  Since I picked KU to win it all in all of my brackets (had too), and the rest of my final four was wiped out, don't have to sweat it out if I will win any money.
  • I don't have to have the conversation with my 3 year old daughter why we are watching Kansas Basketball instead of Micky Mouse Clubhouse.
  • The dogs can now be fed since in my obsession with the game today led to me spacing out feeding them this morning.
  • I now have to wait another 12 months to see how Kansas will find a way to disappoint.
    • Kansas is always in contention of winning 20+ games and the Big 12 every season... make no mistake, they are good, I don't take that for granted but it's hard (probably like for the players) to wade through the season and the Big 12 tourney to get to what matters, the NCAA tourney.  Final Fours and National Titles are the measuring stick for KU.
  • Is V the new B for KU basketball?
  • Aside from 2008, different players, different coaches, same results.  How did UCLA do their run back in the day?  Recruiting violations?
  • It doesn't get any easier to make a final four run through a 16, 8, 10 and 11 seed... squandered year and opportunity.
  • Will the Morris twins stay or go?  Probably both can get drafted but probably not to same team.  Will one more year together be worth waiting to go pro?  Lets face it, it's a money thing, not a Final Four thing.
  • Nick Wright, the only radio sports guy I can tolerate in KC, is going to discuss this at length tomorrow afternoon.  Good time to hang up the earphones or switch to 810 for a day.
  • It may be a while before I can wear my KU tri shirt and shorts to a race.
  • Going to work is going to suck for a week.  At least my PM is a KU grad and won't want to hash it up every 10 minutes.
  • MU, K-State fans... even though they have ZERO combine final fours, will feel compelled to talk trash.  I didn't poke fun when K-State made their "we beat KU" video, or when KU swept MU for the season.  I support Kansas, I don't hate on other schools (ok maybe MU sometimes).
  • #1 KU loses to #11 VCU, and on 3/27/11 it's snowing.  Has hell frozen over?
  • North Carolina is still in it playing now.  We have UNC fans at work, I don't know if I can keep my mouth shut.  Still bitter about Roy even though Self won a title.  Self lead teams still under perform - Bucknell, Bradly, UNI, VCU.... shall I go on?
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