Friday, March 25, 2011

LA Marathon Reviews

I recently received some reviews for the LA Marathon.  Check out the totals HERE.

It's interesting to note how badly that was rated (granted I only have 5 reviews, but none were that great).  I've seen all kinds of twitter, facebook, blogs and online media pushing the LA marathon so I was expecting a huge positive fan sentiment... not so much.

I also have a couple reviews for the Groundhog Run here in Kansas City.

Again, if you would like to review a race, it only takes 5 minutes and just shoot me the event name and I will add it to the list.  If you see any improvements to be made, let me know as well!

Since my wife works a lot of weekends, I have been working towards getting long runs and rides in during the week.  That usually makes for an early morning but it works better than trying to juggle kids and working out, cause you can't do both and when R2 needs to hit the potty or Wee Man needs a bottle, treadmills and trainers be damned.  =)  Accomplished this week.  I had to use a lunch for the run but I'm tapering for a 1/2 marathon next weekend, so it was only an 8 miler.

I've seen a lot of posts about balancing life, work and training.  It's always a moving target!

This Week So Far:
Biking : 52 miles
Running : 12 miles
Swimming : 6000 yards
Total : 6.7 hours.
Hoping to get swim/bike/run in tomorrow.  Nice mini triathlon.  =)

Kansas City Events this weekend.
Looking at some of the Who's Who that ran the LA Marathon.
Review of Steve in a Speedo's virtual run for Christchurch.

KU vs Richmond tonight at 6:30ish.  Hoping KU can get past a 12 seed, but UNI proved that even 9 seeds can give KU problems.  Golden road to final four?  I don't think so.  The other double digit seeds earned the right to play and beat some good teams.  Anything can happen but hoping for a nice double digit win for KU tonight.
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