Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday 50/50

So got up and got going on the trainer to get my 25 miles in... pushed some intervals.  Then got R2 up and off to daycare and to work on time and then BAM... computer virus on my work computer.  Seriously... Didn't fire up the work laptop all weekend and as soon as I plug into our network and start er up, stupid "virus alert" virus takes over.  Flash forward an hour and IT had it fixed.  So got going good, but took some flak with the computer.  So far Monday is 50/50.  Hopefully this afternoon makes up for it.

Got some good volume in this weekend.  I was aiming for a 9 to 10 mile run Sunday and ended up with 12.  Guess I should have mapped my run or something first.  I tried a "new" route that was close to a more familiar route but added 2 more miles that I thought.  Oh well.

Starting to add more miles to workouts now.  IM KS is coming up and I have a 1/2 marathon April 2nd.  The season is upon us!

Here's my morning stats from the trainer ride.  Got some intervals in at miles 15 to 20 and then cool downed to 25.  I was pretty happy but ran out of blog catching up on the 0-10 mile start.  Need more reading material fellow tri bloggers!  =)  But, hopefully the weather is turning so I'll be riding outside and no trainer time requiring blogs to read to numb the pain.

I did have "issues" at mile 5.5.  Most everyone has experienced the GI running issue.  Though I was ok running later in the day but a park saved me.  Here's's advice.  I don't listen to them.  I've just accepted the fact and planned port-a-john stops on long runs.

Posted my latest thoughts on swimming pool rules and for you Kansas Citians looking to run the Jackson County Tri or Du, here's some Q and A about the bike course.  Let me know if you have more questions about the events.

R2 turned 3.  Em turned our house into baking central for the two parties we were going to have for her.  Cupcakes EVERYWHERE!  How's an "athlete" suppose to stay in race shape with this kind of influence??

2 parties, several cupcakes and pizza slices later... I have come out on the other side none the worse for wear.

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