Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rules Rules Rules

This morning's swim brings about MORE RULES!

12.  You need to revise your swim stroke if you swing so wide you smack the guy in the lane next to you when you swim by, over the divider buoy.  You're swinging your arms too wide and losing economy in your stroke, not to mention injuring other people!

13.  I don't know what to tell you about someone that is "swim hopping" from one foot to the other in the center of the lane in one end of the pool and won't move to one side or the other.  Luckily I was in the pool after this gal left, but I saw through the window to the pool the whole shabang.  Really lady?  Lets all be considerate.  Pick a side.

It was interesting getting smacked by one guy and drowned by the guy in my lane nice enough to let me hop in.  He had an interesting technique of floating on his back while holding two kickboards kicking backwards and then would kick "normal" on the way back.  Created a nice wake.

I say the more people in the pool, the better!  Waves, flailing arms and hands!  BRING IT!  Best open water swim start practice you can get!  Adonis DNA!

If you have in your race report "my swim sucked" or "I was not happy with the swim time" and you log around 3000 or less yards a week in the pool, think tuna.  You need to be a fish.

The swim will not win you a race, but it can ruin your race.  I always focused on the bike, which I liked best.  Then, running which I liked better than swimming.  Last was swimming.  Couldn't take it.  Swimming mindless laps.  That was until last year.  I joined a masters swim group for the winter and got some good tips and workout routines.  My goal is 5000 yards or more a week.  Last year the KS IM swim that took 49 minutes in 2009 took me 36 minutes in 2010.  Same wetsuit, pretty similar conditions... lets ignore the flat tire in T1 and DNF'ing the race.  Point is, I gained economy and endurance by increasing swim yardage.

Makes sense, right?  Want to be better in the swim, swim more.


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