Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kids say the darndest things

Me - "Hey kiddo, please don't hit me in the head with your toy hair dryer, it hurts." Her - "Sniffle sniffle..."
Me - "Why are you upset?"
Her - "You hurt my feelings daddy..."
Me - "Huh? How did I hurt your feelings? You hurt my head."
Her - "waaaaaaaaaa"

3 years old and already playing the manipulation game, reverse psychology and guilt trips... the teenage years look to be spectacular! =)

It was nice getting outside for a run today! I'm aiming to get a lunch swim as trying to jam a run and long swim in the AM before work just isn't getting it done. I need more time and getting up early enough to make that happen before work isn't happening.

So, I need to manage the workload as not to overflow into lunch so I can break away and get the swim in. Time will tell...

But, I also noticed 2 issues with running outside vs on the treadmill at the gym.
  1. It was nice to get a breakfast in and have time to digest on the way to the gym so I had something in my stomach before pushing the envelope.  The breakfast would be small, but something.  But, running at home I get up, get dressed, and drink some perpetuem or gatorade and hit the road.  I can't do solids and run 10 minutes later so by the end of the run, I'm STARVING!  Better than yarfing, though.
  2. Treadmills give you more control over the run if you are doing intervals and hills, which are my Tuesday run workouts.  I can manage intervals but the roads and sidewalks are not flat so there are some elevation changes to take into account and I have some hills, but there's only so much elevation gain you can change and managing by time is more of a challenge when you run out of hill.
  3. BONUS ISSUE - you usually don't get that nice fresh skunk smell running on the treadmill that you could get the pleasure of from running outside...

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