Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday, where does the time go

Time on the trainer can draw out like a endless blade... at least when you have 40 miles in front of you. That was this morning's training plan and since it's back in the low 40's here in KC, I opted for the trainer and warmth of the basement. I don't know how you spring/early summer IM people do it riding on the trainer for 6 hours or something insane. No change of scenery and just sweating in a big puddle on the floor. Bleh.

On another note, more swimming tips:
  • When you swim with paddles, don't slap and smack the water when you enter with your hand... nothing destroys the fluidity of a swim stroke like SLAPPING the water surface.  This guy would have been doing pretty good had he not been killing his momentum by flat slapping the water surface with his swim paddles.
  • Rotate length ways, not sideways when swimming.  Nothing's more entertaining than seeing a swimmer bend sideways touching elbows to knees inch-worming their way down the lane.
  • PLEASE PLEASE if you just came out of the steam room DO NOT dead man float in a lane where someone is lap swimming.
    • For one, when I swim into you, it's not going to be any fun either us of since I didn't see you and you didn't ask if it was cool to share a lane.
    • It's just nasty to work up a sweat in the steam room and come and wash off in the pool.  I gotta swim in that!

Got that 40 miler in today.  Plan is going well but I have to juggle a long run, swim and one more bike and run in for the week.  Not sure how that will shake out.

I have published a few Examiner articles for KC events and looking at hiring a coach or self coaching.  Well, picked up my coaching article!  Check it out!

Polly J ranked 61st in F35-39 for the 2010 tri season from USAT!  Sweet!
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