Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Swim Meister Tony And Monthly USMS Newsletter

Getting There One Stroke at a Time
  • They always start with an inspiring story and this one is no different. Learning to swim as an adult? I can’t imagine having that courage. One quote in this article really struck me. “If not for the encouragement of the other swimmers I would have quit.” It is such a huge advantage to swim with a group!
Member Rewards Program Kick-off
  • They are doing random drawings for small give aways, the last couple of rounds have been pretty much product samples. But, the latest round of winners includes the guy that has been the starter at KCCC swim meets, pretty much since KCCC started.
Are You Self-Coached?
  • If you swim on your own, read this one! Ever go to the pool with no work out in mind? How does that turn out? Usually that means you swim about half of what you expected to, or maybe less, and you haven’t put in much quality work. Here you can get great workouts written by professional coaches. You still have to motivate yourself to get through the workouts, but with a solid plan you are certain to do much better than making it up as you go along.
SWIMMER Magazine: Wetsuit Testing Video
  • l Sure to be worth the time for triathletes in the market for a wet suit. They give a pretty in depth review of each wet suit tested.
We've Got Spirit!
  • And finally, my good friends Joy, Tony, Christie, and Tony are featured in this section. I wish I could have been there to see them smash 2 WORLD RECORDS! I also missed the opportunity to swim on an ‘All Tony Relay’. Oh well, maybe next year. Congrats to this exceptional group. They not only have talent coming out of their ears, they put in the work too. It’s great to see very deserving people achieve such a great feat!
    • This young foursome just broke two FINA World Records at a unique relay meet where all relays and courses are swum in the same meet. Last year, this relay team broke a 19-year old USMS record, but because one of the swimmers was only 24 years old, they were not recognized by FINA. This year, despite the record getting faster by an Australian team in 2010, they broke both the 400 LCM Free and 800 SCM Free mixed relay records. Congratulations to: Joy Stover, Tony Stewart, Christine Fuchs, and Tony Diers.

Tony Rezek
Chapter President, Kansas City, MO
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