Monday, May 16, 2011

New Week - Heritage Tri teaser

Mondays keep coming like death and taxes!

Bikesource Sprint Triathlon report from yesterday's race coming soon.
Pictures are up.
Official results are NOT up yet.

To kick this week off I hit some hill repeats on the bike this morning. Why tear up my legs the day after a triathlon?
  1. It was a sprint tri, so I'm not exactly beaten up form the race
  2. While my swim time improved over one minute and run improved, my bike time was HORRIBLE compared to past races.  Barf.  I need to get some power back
Brief pre-cursor to my performance:
  • Swim - COLD AS $#!&!!!!!.  Brain freeze but my time was a minute better than last time I did this race.
  • Bike - Sucked.  Crowded and jerk on the course.  Wind also played with my planet-x 82 front wheel.
  • Run - Killed it.  First mile was sub 7 minute which is stellar straight off the bike for me.  Held on for 7 min/mile average but I could not feel my feet until mile 2.75 of 3 miles of the run.
  • Major theme - IT WAS COLD!!

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