Saturday, May 14, 2011

Heritage Park Triathlon - the day before

Have a nice sprint triathlon race kicking off the multisport season tomorrow.

Couple things that are floating around in my head:
  1. The weather.  It's now in the 50's for the high and potentially rain and wind tomorrow morning.  On Monday, the Sunday forecast was sunny and 70's.  What a difference a week makes.  I really don't want to run a duathlon like last year when the swim was cancelled due to poor water quality.  And it was just too cold.
  2. I raced my company's corporate challenge bike race Tuesday night.  I've been on my trainer more and tried to get out on the roads more this winter and thought I had a better leg up on the bike... but I think the combo of volume and weighing less (lost some muscle mass as well) has hindered me.  I was 40 seconds slower this year than last where others I knew improved.  That sucked.
So, I'm hoping it's a full triathlon and my bike effort doesn't suck.  Hopefully the low volume week will give my legs some pep and the race atmosphere we give me some energy.

Hopefully the weather gets past this whole 50 degrees for a high thing and I can hit some hills and sprints outside!  Time to move past the trainer!

Time will tell.
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