Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday, the morning that didn't happen

So I've been playing with what day I take for recovery during the week.  Sometimes Wednesday, sometimes Thursday.  I try and get a long ride Wednesday, rest Thursday and long run Friday.  I do this as my wife works a lot of weekends so I can't exactly take a toddler and infant on a 2 hour bike ride or and hour and a half run.  I mean I could, but I don't think it would go well. 

This morning I was feeling the need for sleep and I took it... glorious sleep until 6am... ahhhhhh.  And now, a frittered morning of ridable bike weather.  Oh well.  There's always the trainer in the basement..........

Last week's totals including Bikesource Duathlon
Bike : 46 miles
Run : 16 miles
Swim : 5585 yards
Total : 6:24 hours

Like I have mentioned, I hope to get outside more for my rides and get some hill and sprints in to increase the speed and power.  This week may not cooperate as tomorrow, Friday and Saturday are looking soggy.  I may have paid the price by not riding this morning and opting fort today as my rest day... we shall see.

Published some articles for the Bikesource Triathlon RESULTS and my REVIEW.
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