Thursday, June 30, 2011

33 miles of sleepiness and Transformers, oh my

So, Transformers 3 last night.  Got some time for a date night with the wife (yes, Em is the wife) and we headed to Transformers 3.  Now, I grew up in the 70's and 80's so that cartoon was a staple.  But, that also causes some issues when you want to convert from the cartoon where no one EVER got hurt to a movie where they want to portray them as killer alien robots bent on taking over the world.  It's just hard for me to make the crossover.

I will admit, though, the part that got me the most wasn't when people were getting shot, crushed and chased... no no.  It was the part where Bumble Bee was going to be executed.  That was the saddest part (which isn't saying much).  I like the movie series mostly because I grew up with them, but I struggle to get involved enough to look past a bunch of toy based characters trying to be taken seriously.

So I FINALLY got up around the intended training time.  Alarm set for 3:30, up at 3:50.  Not horrible but only allowed for 33 miles instead of 40 since I was playing the soccer mom this morning and getting kiddos to the right baby sitter.  While Em's at work, kids and daddy will play!

Nice morning for the ride.  Mid 70's, little breezy but manageable.  Suppose to get in the 100's for the base temps the next two days... so NO workouts schedule for the heat of the day.  Need to stay strong and drag out of bed in the am.

Need another swim, 2 more bike and 1 more run workout to round it out this week.  Not sure how it will work out but hoping for a quick trainer spin when Wee Man goes to bed while R2 watches kid safe programming before bedtime tonight.  Tempo run tomorrow morning and swim over lunch and long run Saturday morning.  Maybe it'll work, maybe it won't.  Time will tell.

If you are running on Saturday morning, check out the new Kansas City Track Club Saturday Morning Run. Meet at 6:30am in front of Aixois at 55th St and Brookside Blvd. We want to meet your needs at whatever level you are in your running life. We will have a course mapped out for any distance from 3-12miles. (12 miles this week is where you want to be if you are training for the KC Marathon or other fall marathons). If you want to increase your speed or it's a shorter mileage week, a coach will run with you to Mill Creek Park on The Country Club Plaza to do intervals/ speed work. If you want to go longer than 12 miles, we will have maps for that too! The course is beautiful and shady with plenty of water and bathroom stops along the way. You might want to bring a water bottle just in case you need more! We will leave at 6:35am and run as long or short as you want. If you want to run with a group but don’t see what you need here, then show up and talk with us about it…..we will have what you need in subsequent weeks! Free for KCTC members.   Go to to join. Like us on  Facebook. Follow us on Twitter at @kctcrunner

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