Friday, July 1, 2011

Cyst today, gone tomorrow

So, as all of you endurance type people know, it's all fun and games to go out and sweat your ass off in 100 degree temps and run around and train and be all super cool... that is until you find an odd bump on your arm!

I had a little nodule show up about 2 months ago.  I wasn't HUGELY concerned as it was more of a subsurface bump and no discoloration of the skin, or little bumps and didn't really get any large after the first week it showed up.

I kept an eye on it and if it started hurting or anything, I was going in.  Well, yesterday curiosity and concern got the best of me and I had it checked out.  10 minutes of dicing up my arm revealed what the Dr said what seemed like scar tissue.  Little white nugget of it.  Weird.  I don't remember doing anything to my arm.  I did notice it started out looking like a zit and came to a head, but then kind of went away and then came back.

BUT, moral of the story is, keep an eye on your skin and keep up with the sunscreen!  I'm having it tested but the Doc was pretty confident it's nothing cancerous or worrisome... so I'm going to kick back and enjoy the long weekend and try to keep my mind off the fact I have to stay out of the pool for a week.  Do'h.

First stitches EVER!  Not that there was some wounds from the past that didn't need stitches, but the Doc insisted.  I would have just used some super glue or tape and called it good.

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