Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hump day but it's only Tuesday

Blah.  Morning workouts are getting to be a struggle.  Started last Thursday when I just could not get myself up and moving.  Continues this week as I snooze past my alarms and sometimes it can go for and hour and a half before I really wake up and know what's going on.  I'm sure Em loves it when my alarms go off for an hour or so...  maybe it's the fact that we are getting back into the 60's at night so the house cools off and the bed is all nice and comfy... or from the fact our 3 year old is having issues of waking up at 10:30, 12am, 2am and 3am and just screaming and crying.  Not sure if they are bad dreams or her just being 3.  Kind of kills the mojo when no one gets to sleep.

It doesn't help that today was the workout I picked up from a info session with Chris Legh last year.  It's a GREAT workout, but man it's not comfortable amping up the intensity for threshold runs.  I was hoping to get a swim in before work but with snooze in full effect, it didn't happen.  Maybe over lunch.

Check out my intro for the Midwest Mayhem Triathlon.  It's a cool race tucked in a secluded lake near Lawrence, Kansas.  I'm partial since I went to KU and love Lawrence, but it's a cool race, too.

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