Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday going into low key weekend

Not much going on here.  Just riding the Friday train to the weekend.  I was scheduled for a corporate challenge event tomorrow, but considering that that kids have been watched from sun up to sun down by daycare or Em and I's mothers for 4 days straight pretty much, it's probably better to forgo the event (they have other people that can do it as well) and be with the kiddos.

Now, that doesn't mean I have to sit around the house this weekend if I'm watching kiddies. I might stop by the plaza and try to schmooze with Dean Karnazes while managing the kiddos. Should be interesting but I can't live in a shell with the kids. Have to get them out there in the real world. =) Plus, mornings are the best time to get out with them. Come 1pm naps are in order or it's a free fall for the evening.

I did swim the 50 free for corporate challenge last night.  It doesn't exactly do anything for training to swim 50 meters, but it's nice to have a measuring stick.
2010 50 free - 30:56
2011 50 free - 30.21
Getting older, but faster!

If Emily wasn't working, we could have ran the KC Dirty Duo.  Similar to Warrior Dash, but with some biking mixed in there.

Still need to get a long run and some bike sprints in from now until Sunday night.  Ah where to fit it in since I opted to sleep in this morning instead of dragging out to run 10 miles.  I made it up Monday through Wednesday and hit the wall yesterday and today.  Need to get to bed earlier.  ;)
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