Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Got me, AGAIN!

It's been hard getting back into the AM saddle for training.  I'm able to get up by 4:30am but I need to get up earlier to get some more work in.  Work's been wiping me up and down the floor.  Hate it when real life gets in the way of triathlon!

Monday was biking hills and this morning was threshold runs.

The biking hills always take more time than I thought since I'm riding hills over and over and that tends to kill the speed.  Who would have thought riding up a hill would lower your average speed?  Maybe one day I can average 20mph on the ole hill workout... and then win the Olympics and IM Kona.  Right?

I'm starting to recover from IMKS enough that I was able to run threshold sprints this morning without feeling like my legs were filled with lead.  I was looking for a swim afterwards but some GI complications and sleeping in put me past the time limit to get out of the door in time to swim and get to work.

Kind of puts a damper on MY ARTICLE to move long workouts to the weekend...

Walkers and runners in the road.  I understand if you walk along side the road to avoid sprinklers, mud and puddles on sidewalks.  What I can't excuse is walkers and runners IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!  In busy streets through neighborhoods, no less.  Really?  I hate to see people get hit by cars but if you are walking and running pre-dawn in the streets, you're asking for it no matter how much reflective gear you have on.

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