Saturday, June 11, 2011

IM KS Check In

If the weather goes as called for by and other sites, check-in and packet pickup could be the highlight of the race...

If only we could guarantee today's weather for tomorrow!  PERFECT!  In the 70's, ok humidity, light breeze... perfect for swimming, biking and running.  Tomorrow... who knows.

Check-in was pretty smooth.  They have come a long way from 2009 when I first ran this race.  The line took almost 2 hours from waiting to get your stuff in 2009.  Now it took a whole 15 minutes and then they shoot you through the IM store where you could buy anything from Ironman t-shirts to cookie cutters!  You want it, Ironman has the license and the merch!

Carb loaded at Chipotle for lunch, avoiding pop for the last two days.  Should be good to go.

Cross your fingers for a near miss of thunderstorms in the Lawrence, KS, area!!!!
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