Friday, June 10, 2011

We are Kansas, Dorothy

We are in Kansas, and we have wind...

Hence the re-injured tree from some severe wind last night.  We had a nice wind burst about a year ago that broke some limbs on the same tree.  That tree has not had a good year.  Time to call in some tree trimmers.  Glad I didn't call in trimmers the first time.  To begin with I was running low on time to have them over and then my sweet neighbor decided he was tired of tree limbs being pushed over his "garden" (I guess it's a garden.. more like a compost pile / junk pile) and cut my tree limbs at the fence line before I had a chance to get someone over to fix the tree.

Ya, I get it, if it's over the fence you can cut it down.  BUT, where's the friendly mentality where you go over and ASK if the neighbor is going to cut the limbs before you hack EVERY limb off regardless if it's the broken tree or not?  That necessitated this sign stapled to my fence.

Sadly I saw him going inside his house after looking at the tree when I came out to water the dogs.  I already knew he had visions of hack saws and cut tree limbs in his mind.  Patience, please.

Got the last ride before KS IM Sunday in this morning.  It was actually a little chilly but I was looking for a 15 mile ride with some sprints to keep intensity up while limiting volume.  You know, the whole taper thing.

AND, I busted out my smiley face socks from SockGuy that I won in the picture contest.  They were actually thicker than other SockGuy socks and very comfy.

Stay tuned for snippets from IM KS weekend!
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