Friday, June 3, 2011

Torture in T-minus 14 hours

Pain, thy name is Hospital Hill Run with 90+ degree temps forecasted and like 10,000% humidity.

Great time to break back into the Half Marathon since I had taken a break the past 2 years and ran the 10k and 5k.

Ok... just looked at (because as we all know the internet is never wrong) and should be mid 80's by the end of my run.  That isn't horrible but it's not exactly comfortable.  Maybe I can get the family to hit the pool after the run!

Also got my race "packet" over lunch.  It was interesting for a few reasons:
  1. No bags
  2. Athletes had to manage their own way to bibs, shirts etc.  Usually you have one line where you go through everything and get your stuff.  This way, it's on the runner if you miss something.
  3. Ran into the North Face Endurance Challenge booth!  If you remember, I intro'd the event on Examiner HERE and come to find out they think only one person has signed up for the marathon, and that's probably me!  Does everyone know something I don't?  GET IN THERE!!
  4. I liked the little sticker feet that led you to bib pickup.  They had some decent signage that got you there and plenty of helpers to guide you around.
  5. Nice expo (that's what she said).
Parting pics of packet pickup below.

Race tomorrow.

Report coming when I re-hydrate from the Missouri humidity.

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