Thursday, June 2, 2011

New KC Event & Addressing Crazy

First off, thanks for the comments on yesterday's post.

Christi, I can only hope waking up at the crack-o-dawn to train will translate into a great race day!

Tri James, you're right.  It may not be money, but you pay yourself in emotional currency that can get get you through the day.

Becky H, it's a mixture.  I'm crazy no doubt, but that comes out in other areas of my life.  Just ask my wife.  ;)  In order to do the races, I have to get the rides in when I can balanced against life.  If 3:30am on a Wednesday is my only time, I have to take it.  =)

Fernando, yes, very crazy.  I paid this morning when I was just way too tired to get up for my morning run.  Hopefully I can squeeze it in over lunch.

Yes, today was a 4am workout and snoozed til 6am.  There were moments of re-setting the alarm so there was like an hour of uninterrupted sleep, but missed the morning payment.

Here's the exciting stuff for the KC people!  We have a new endurance event coming to Kansas City.

The North Face Endurance Challenge.

Yours truly has a complimentary race entry so I can report about the splash it makes in Kansas City first hand!  HERE's my introductory article on Examiner explaining the basics about the event.

I had an email Q and A with Dean Karnazes (ultra-runner) that will go up sometime next week!

If you are interested in racing, here's a LINK to an article with some basic training plans.

Stay tuned for more info.
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