Friday, July 15, 2011

Let the Mayhem Begin

The Midwest Mayhem Triathlon is coming up this Sunday!  I posted on EMT HERE about wanting to up the speed on the bike.  I've focused on doing more drills for hills and trying to keep the volume up since IM KS.  I've also added some plyometric work from my days in college taking a jump training class.  Yes, it was a class named "jump training".

Packet pickup was last night so I've got everything ready to go.  Somehow I was signed up for short course but I changed that to the long course for HIM training purposes.

Check out my swim preview HERE and working on the bike and run preview today.  Check back in.  The bike preview will be important since a lot of people have issues staying on course.  It also doesn't help when people steal the signs or run them over on the course.  Know the route!

Temps are forecasted from 78 to 95 for Sunday!  Hot as snot!

Arg.  Getting up has been impossible of late.  I either cram training in over lunch or extend it to after work which takes time from work or family.  Hate doing that.

Also doesn't help my allergies are RAGING!  Not sure what flared it up but I'm definitely suffering.

Only have 4 hours under the belt this week and only made morning workouts 2 of 5 days.  Not good, not good at all.  BUT, this is a planned low volume week for Mayhem Tri Sunday and next week needs to be the biggest week before I start taper for IM Boulder.  Need to conquer the sleeping in next week!

Wrote up some tips and thoughts about riding after work versus in the morning HERE.  I'd rather get it done in the AM but the PM is more friendly but kills family time.

Also reviewed Arctic Ease Cryotherapy pads and wraps HERE.  Never heard of them until I found them on twitter.  Good stuff.
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