Monday, July 18, 2011

Midwest Mayhem Triathlon - Behind the scenes

So, last Sunday was the Midwest Mayhem.  It was a suffer fest through some nasty heat.  Even my wife had some heat issues from just being a spectator!  I'm glad we left the kiddos at home with Grandma!

This post I'll run you behind the scenes leading up to, during and after the triathlon.

Saturday was spent HYDRATING.  Water.  Gatorade.  Avoiding pop.  Chocolate milk (turned into a fiend for it lately).  We did hit the pool for a little bit, but it was low keyed and surprisingly the pool wasn't that crowded and somewhat relaxing.

Saturday night was the mad dash to pack everything as soon as the kids went down.  Well, Wee Man went down by 7:30 by R2 wasn't ready for that nonsense and watched Shrek til 8:30ish.  But that gave me time to pack the essentials into my TYR transition bag.  Come to think of it, I've had that thing for years and no problems!  Probably just jinxed myself.

If you read my Examiner articles, I use the stock wheels to train with in my Kuota and switch for races to my Planet X 82/101 wheelset.  Some nice before and after pictures.

Grease now, no grease later!  Thanks to Grease Monkey Wipes!

List of Essentials
Kuota K-factor Tri Bike
Giro Aero Helmet
TMAT pro transition mat
Sockguy finish line socks
Push Endurance for during the race - review coming
FLUID Recovery post race - goes good with chocolate milk
Thanks to Kent at TKMT for keeping me functioning with all my aches and pains!

Thanks to all the loyal sponsors!

Race day photos, enjoy.

Day breaking for pain!

Calm before the storm

Cheesing pre-race

Port-a-potty lock, because I can't bring myself to do pre race shots of myself on the pot like Steve in a Speedo.
Question of Etiquette - "do I give you the ass or the crotch as I pass by?" - Fight Club
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