Thursday, July 28, 2011

Oops, swimming before work and NO TOWEL!

So, off to the gym for a morning swim (side note - for some reason 24 hour fitness decided I told them I was moving and cancelled my membership since you know I have an all sport and super sport and can go to any 24 hour in the country - and every time I go in I have to explain that no, I did not cancel it).

After the morning membership hassle dance, I get the jammers on and reach for... the... towel.  It's in the truck!  Do'h!  I swam knowing I was going to face a delima afterwards.  Air dry?  Go to the truck after the swim dripping wet and just in my jammers?  Use my clean workout shirt in my gym bag as a towel?

TA DA!  I packed a "sweat towel" which is just a white hand towel.  I can only imagine it's what Shaq feels like when using a regular towel.

It pays to pack extra stuff in your gym bag even if you think you won't use it!

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