Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The week that was - in training

There seems to be all kinds of takes on tapering for big events.

Some people freak out.

Some people take the welcomed break.

It's funny... it's sort of natural around these parts for me.

"Tapering" for IM Boulder.  Really, it's still more like get a workout in when I can mode.  When you have a full time job and 2 young kids, it's not really an option to get the right workout in at the right time.  You may get a run in, but it may be at 3pm in 100+ degree heat.  You may get that 50 mile ride in, but it may be at 3 in the morning.

I took this taper period to refocus on the swim and bike.  I let the running slide for now.  3 strong rides and a fitness ride Sunday.  4 swims totalling 10,500 yards for the week.  I figure if you are going to tilt to one thing before a major event, stick with low impact.  We'll see how that theory works.

Totals from last week:
Biking - 73 miles
Running - 12 miles
Swimming - 10,500 yards
Total time - 10:49 - a higher than expected total for a tapering week but there was some walking with the kiddos after runs for cool downs and a lot of stretching and core work over the week.  Refocusing on the small things.

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