Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I learned lugging two kids in a bike trailer

No, not a motorcycle trailer... a bicycle trailer.

Found a sweet deal from someone at work and finally got the gumption to strap it on the mountain bike and lug the kiddos somewhere.

A 3 year old strapped in with a 10 month old... riding on the paved trails... what could go wrong?

And, from me to you, my lessons learned.

  • Do not put this on your fancy road bike.  It's not made to fit every bike and it will scratch the hell out of a nice bike.  Mountain bike approved from Falkee Tri!  Lucky for me I didn't even try to put it on my nice road bike.
  • Make sure you have in flight entertainment for kids of all ages.
  • Go out at temperature appropriate times.  I was in the mindset of trying it when the kids would cooperate.  Wrong time of the day even at 11am around these parts.  Too hot!
  • 3 year old approved fun entertainment.  "Go faster daddy!"  Good times.
  • 10 month not so approved.  He had an ok time on the way out.  He was in a HURRY to go back.  Provided a nice police siren effect.
  • Find paved trails to ride on.  Lugging a trailer is definitely not stable and in no way would I want to be on a road with this rig and setup.  Lucky for me I live close to some paved trails that have shade from trees for the most part.
  • My mountain bike needs a tuneup.  BADLY!  Shifting sucked and it kept slipping gears.  Kind of made it difficult to climb up simple hills and find the comfortable gear...
Hope that helps out all of you even thinking about lugging the kiddies out there with your bike!

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