Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2011 Penguin Paddle

Sadly I can't make this event, but it's a nice challenge even if you sign up and do it on your own.

What is it?
The Penguin Paddle is a 5K swim that raises funds and awareness for the Arthritis Foundation. Individuals are encouraged to swim a full 5,000 meters but are welcome to pick a distance of their choice: 400m, 800m, 1600m, etc.

The Arthritis Foundation ...
… is the world’s leading health organization dedicated to research, exploration and education of arthritis..
… has funded more than $400 million in research grants since 1948, including $10.5 million in 2011.
… is dedicated to finding a cure for the 50 million Americans—including 300,000 children who suffer from arthritis.

Why we swim:
Virg Jones was diagnosed with arthritis when he was 13. At the time, treatment for arthritis was not nearly as effective as it is today. Virg could no longer participate in many activities, such as running or walking, but he was able to swim. In order to stay active, as well as demonstrate the benefits of aquatic activity, Virg founded the Penguin Paddle, a 5K swim event for the Arthritis Foundation. Since then, the event has raised more than $50,000. This year, swim for someone you love.
Your participation enables you to honor yourself or someone living with arthritis, while raising awareness and much-needed funds for improving
the lives of people with this disease.

The website is up and you can register or donate at anytime. http://www.penguinpaddle.kintera.org/

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