Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New kid on the block Push Endurance product review

You can't run endurance events on water alone in Kansas City. You might get by in a 5k or super sprint triathlon, but if you aren't looking, using or debating nutritional supplements, then you are staring at the entrance to the pain cave when record temperatures strike in Kansas City.

Gels, liquids, bars, chews and powders are just a few options out there for endurance athletes nutrition. Some athletes may only use one form but the majority use a combination.

One powder option is Push Endurance. Recently added MVT partner, Push Endurance, is a new kid on the block (but better than the fad boy band).

I recently ran the IM Boulder 70.3 and had a chance to train and race with Push.

From my time in the heat and humidity in Kansas, here's a few pluses and minuses I came away with.

  • PLUS - Taste. I immediately noticed the rich full taste of Push. It comes in a grape flavor and it's easy to chug down.
  • MINUS - One flavor. Being a new product, it's probably better to keep your focus narrowed. Owners noted that they are working on fruit punch and watermelon too, and those will be added as they grow and expand in the future.
  • PLUS - Texture. When you mix the powder with water, it stays mixed. The powder does not clump and creates a fluid that's not as viscous as water, but not as thick as molasses.
  • PLUS - Recovery effects. After a tough Midwest Meltdown and IM Boulder, I was able to function with the family and aches and pains diminished within days or hours. Muscle fatigue was minimal and mental clarity was good enough to chase around a 3 year old and 10 month old kids.
  • MINUS - Needs more sodium and potassium. I'll preface this with the fact I used Push in the hottest time of the year and I sweat, A LOT. I probably require more replacement than the average triathlete.
  • PLUS - Push endurance owners are a passionate group. They care if their product benefits the athletes that use it. They care if Push is not meeting expectations. They will answer your questions and not let you fall through the cracks. They are passionate about nutrition and sports.
  • MINUS - Mostly available online. This will probably become less of an issue as more product is bought and sold and Push becomes more well known.
  • PLUS - You can put Push in baggies in your bike bag to fly to a race and not garner additional scrutiny from the DEA boys as a suspect for illegal substances.
  • PLUS - Easy to follow dosing instruction on the canisters.
  • PLUS - Appealing website that's easy to navigate.
  • MINUS - When Push enhanced water gets hot, it's not exactly the easiest drink to get down. You can probably say that about a lot of nutritional supplements, though.
Overall Push provided nutrition in an easy to ingest method. Personally, when I take in nutrition via fluid of solids, my system can be picky. I didn't have to "push" Push down to keep it down. It delivers nutrition as advertised and is a quality addition to the endurance supplement market.

* note, I was provided canisters of Push to try out while training and race IM Boulder. In no way has Push influenced the review of their product.

Push also has been gracious enough to offer a 20% off discount code for my readers!  Use ITRI2011 at checkout when you are ready to pay!  Let me know Push does for you if you do buy some!
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