Monday, August 1, 2011

Ironman Boulder 70.3 Goals

IM Boulder is looming!  I'm not as worried about the actual race as the logistics of getting my crud there.  Need to pack the bike asap so I make sure that's done and the finer details are tied up so I have a complete and unaltered bike in Colorado.

Here are my goals for the race:
  1. Make sure everything I need for the race makes it into my luggage for the trip! I'm working with PUSH Endurance for this HIM and it would be a wretched abomination to leave it at home and not race with the nutrition that I trained with! (EMT's newest partner along with Man Versus Triathlon - review coming post race!)
  2. Get my bike to Colorado in one piece using Scicon's AeroComfort Plus travel bag (review coming on how a soft bike bag holds up in a plane cargo bay). This will be nerve wracking as I'm not sure my carbon fiber tri bike is ready for the challenge!
  3. Swim - I think it's realistic to expect a sub 34 minute swim like IM KS 70.3 in 2010. It's wetsuit legal since Wendy Mader reported the reservoir usually stays at 60 degrees and it's on a nice and calm reservoir as opposed to a lake open to boats.
  4. Bike - I think a 3:00 is doable. Again, Wendy Mader reported a FAST bike course and I'm definitely ready to break out and get away from hills of Kansas! It's not flat as a pancake like you would be lead to believe.
  5. Run - the wild card. My best half marathon time is 1:42. I'm pretty sure I won't meet that after 1.2 miles of swimming and 56 miles of biking, especially at altitude. I'm confident a 1:55 or a little better is possible. course is advertised as relatively flat, however there is no shade and again it's at altitude. Heat shouldn't be a problem since Colorado in general has a much lower humidity factor than Kansas City (it's not the heat, it's the humidity!)
  6. Add all of that up and you have a 5:29 HIM. My best HIM was IM KS this past June at 5:49.

That's a tall order to shave off 20 minutes from a half Ironman in a month and a half. But, you have to factor in that IM KS swim was BRUTAL with nasty wind and monster waves. The bike course was no friendlier with a stiff headwind at the turn-around and hills everywhere. As long as I can swim to my abilities I know I have and be patient on the bike, the run will make or break the day.

I think it's doable. Now, all I have to do it get all my gear there in one piece!

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