Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jammer Time!

Can't touch this, hammer jammer time...

It was time.  People could see my parts through my jammer at the pool.  Generally it's mostly geriatrics and lap swimmers and very few people total, but my wife prefers I keep some things left to the imagination.  I agree.

I wrote a post about jammers a while back HERE.  Comparing the longest lasting fabric and prices, etc.  Well... I have found no matter what type I get, they still wear out after 5 to 6 months.  Just too much friction.  SwimOutlet to the rescue!  They had a nice sale and it wasn't for the completely gross grab bag jammers that your dog wouldn't wear.

Check it out.  Not horrible!  Moral of the story is, go for the sales and load up on multiple options.  For $30 I got two jammers that will probably last 6 to 5 months of cycling through them.  I good quality jammer that would last the same amount of time would probably be $40 for one.  At least with two, you can throw on the pair that fits the mood for the day!

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