Friday, August 5, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane...

This was suppose to go out before my flight, but I had to board before I could get it out!  Enjoy!

This will be the first endurance event since 2005 Dublin Marathon that I have traveled for.  At least all I needed for that was some running shoes, shorts and a shirt (I wasn't as aware of nutrition back then).

Flash forward to 2011 and I'm heading to Boulder, CO, to run IM Boulder 70.3.  Packed my bike in my Scicon AeroComfort Plus (to be reviewed after the trip).  I tried to cram as much gear in that bag as possible without tipping the scales.  Luckily Frontier airlines is not charging bike fees at the moment!  Score!  But, I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous as a triathlete waiting in line for a port-a-potty before a race!  I'm hoping it comes through in one piece (or at least all the pieces that I separated it in to).

What worries me:
  • Hope I packed all I needed.
  • Are skinny jean shorts on women coming back?  Lots of those at the airport.
  • Hope my bike does not get lost, tossed or crushed.
  • Hope my PUSH endurance in a baggy doesn't fire an alarm necessitating my bike bag being opening and re-packed for me.
  • Hope the fact they downgraded our airplane size and need to jettison 14 passengers does not result in my delayed arrival to Colorado.
  • I hope everything works out when I get to Colorado - car rental, stuff makes it, we make it in one piece!
  • No bad weather for the race!  Nothing would be more rotten than a rained out 70.3!
  • Hope they don't make me check my transition bag at the sky walk door to the airplane.
  • Hope my laptop battery fully charges before the flight so I can pre-plan some posts!
Score so far on:
  • Bike bag made it to check-in with NO EXTRA FEES!
  • I'm at the airport with enough time to blog!  Go me!
Look forward to:
  • IM Boulder race recap.
  • PUSH Endurance Review - Man Versus Triathlon partner.
  • Scicon Tech Bag Review - Man Versus Triathlon partner.
  • Tips on race traveling - how I successfully (hopefully) packed all that crap (see below) into 3 bags and made it without spending an arm and a leg!
  • Perhaps some reviews on Boulder area food and stores.

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