Saturday, August 6, 2011

Smooth sailing, er landing

I made it!
If you recall my pre-flight post to IM Boulder, there were many questions about traveling as a triathlete.
  • I didn’t get bumped.  I guess enough people took vouchers and later flights that they shoe horned us in after they down-sized the plane.
  • I got on with my transition bag packed and a small backpack for the laptop and miscellaneous items.
  • No overweight charges for the bike bag!  Frontier held true to their baggage guidelines and did not charge me an outrageous fee to travel with my bike.  $15 for a checked bag.  SCORE one for the broke triathlete!
  • Thank the lord – Starbucks at KCI was open at 5AM!!!  SCORE one for the tired triathlete!
  • I got enough charge on the laptop to write some post drafts!  Lucky you guys!
  • The bike bag wasn't completely unscathed.  It took a hit on the front where the fork support is.  Looks like I will need to track down some duct tape.

Now, the next order of business will be to try and re-assemble the bike and hope it works, check in for the race, and find the house I’ll be staying at!

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