Saturday, August 20, 2011

Man Versus Triathlon tackles long course triathlon, marathon and adventure race in a month

A lot has been brewing here at Man Versus Triathlon headquarters.

After a semi-successful Ironman Boulder (partners were Scicon Bike Bags, EverymanTri, Push Endurance and Shug's Low Country Cuisine), we will be racing the Jackson County Triathlon (partners are Midwest Triathlon Series, Push Endurance) long course.

After that comes The North Face Endurance Challenge Marathon in Kansas City (partner is North Face Endurance Challenge).

THEN, we have the Wakarusa Off-Road Challenge (partner is Push Endurance - sports for more) in Lawrence, KS. That's a tall order!

Concerns / Questions / Queries /Quagmires
  • Is this too much?  My wife would probably answer yes.  Me?  I'm all about events.  It might be extreme to go Half Ironman - 2 weeks later Long Course Triathlon - 1 week later marathon - 2 weeks later long course adventure race.
  • Have I properly recovered enough?  These past two weeks after IM Boulder I've toned it down and listened to my body.  When I was tired, I slept in.  I got workouts in but stayed around 7 hours a week.  The only area I pushed it was long runs squeezing in an 18 miler last weekend.
  • Do I have enough base miles to make it?  Most people focus on a marathon for a few months.  I incorporated longer runs for IM boulder training.  I had a couple of 14's and a 16 miler in there.  We shall see if that counts.
  • Nutrition?  IM Boulder taught me that you can try and shove too much in.  GI discomfort and later severe cramping were indicators I mixed too much gel/chomps/sport drinks going into the run and not enough sodium and potassium on the last part of the run.  Hopefully I have a better plan.
  • Weather?  This weekend looks good for a dry Tri.  You can run marathons in rain, but the heat may sneak back into KC. Rain and trails don't mix for the adventure race but there's no accuracy this far out.
  • Will I be able to complete the events?  I've never DNF's due to physical problems.  I have a few DNS for family reasons and a DNF for a mechanical failure, but run, walk, shuffle or limp, I have finished all my events.
  • Will I be competitive?  I hate watching people pass me.  It's all i can do to remember to race my own race and not speed up to stay in contact with other racers.
  • I'm always looking for more events!  =)
Stay tuned, inquiring minds want to know!

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