Thursday, September 1, 2011

I need to see someone about a boat...

Well, not exactly a boat, but a kayak.

With Wakarusa Off Road coming up in just over a week, I need a kayak or no race for me. to the rescue!  I met with Susan at Longview Lake for a crash course in kayaking and got a connection for a kayak to train with and use for the race!

Post coming up soon about the ins and outs of figuring out the whole paddling a kayak thing.  It's not easy.

Just remember the three keys to the paddle:
  1. Grip
  2. Slip
  3. Drip
Enough said.

Training has taken a odd turn since triathlon season is pretty much over.  I'm eyeing the KC marathon, but that's a long shot.  Maybe the half?  The Wakarusa is an off road race so I need more mountain biking and trail running time.  That results in time but not nearly as many miles.  It's odd to see the training miles take a HUGE dive from half ironman training.

Plus, when I feel like sleeping in the morning instead of working out, I've slept.  On one hand I feel like a slacker but on the other hand, I did run a marathon last Saturday AND I have a full time job AND I have a family.  Need to have some balance in there somewhere.

Oh, and weight lifted the first time since March (off season program) and holy cow.  I can tell when I haven't used.

Hoping to get some time in this weekend and enjoy the relenting temperatures this weekend in Kansas City!

Check out the results from the North Face Endurance Challenge!  If you didn't make it out, mark it on your calendar if they come back next year!
Half marathon, 10k and 5k results HERE.
Marathon results HERE.
50k results HERE.
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