Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What a difference Labor Day makes!

Friday - High in the 90's, heat index in the 100's.
Saturday - High in the 90s, heat index in the 100's.
Sunday - High in the 80's.
Monday - High of about 75.... bring on Labor Day!

Training has taken an interesting turn as there are no long distance events on the immediate horizon.  I have the Wakarusa Challenge this coming weekend and maybe the Kansas City half marathon mid October.

Training volume has decreased.  Intensity has stayed high as I've switched to trail running and mountain biking.  It's an odd feeling to keep the motivation up without all of the event to be training for but at the same time, it's nice riding and running for "fun" and enjoying instead of worrying about missing workouts or not meeting my goals for distance or intensity.

But then I have to limit myself to like 5 chocolate covered pretzels instead of 10 at night...  =)

Who knew... I had two kids!  It's easy to lose sight when you are full up on training and everything else!  We had a nice little Labor Day weekend of heat, cooler temps, Wall Mart and Kohl's 2 days in a row, couponing, BBQ'ing and the Zoo!  R2 found her real home, with the monkeys and Wee Man soaked up the end of the holiday weekend with a fat bottle.

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