Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Consolidation, sort of

So with all of my endeavours and just kind of "going with it" on the blog, internet, facebook and twitter thing... I have found it's hard for people to keep track.

Sites I regularly maintain:

I Try Because I Can - personal blog
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Me on Twitter - all blog and site posts are sent to twitter

  • Just have to follow me on twitter.
Falkee Triathlon - online tri team blog
Man Vs Triathlon - brand for endurance racing and reporting
Man Vs Triathlon on Facebook - all blog and site posts are sent to the FB page
  • Like it, of course!
Man Vs Triathlon on Twitter - all blog and site posts are sent to twitter
  • Just have to follow me on twitter. Publishing -you can Publishing.  Not my site but I write content for them.
  • They have a subscription link on their page
That's a lot to keep track of, admittedly.

If you are like me with Facebook... you "like" a lot of stuff and messages can get buried in the news feed.  Twitter is fun but suffers the same issue as Facebook.

I find I get the most from email delivered goodness.  You can read it when you want to and it catches all the content.  You don't miss any posts when you were not looking.  So, if you want to follow what's going on and not miss out on a thing, I would subscribe to the email services.  I believe Feedburner will combine subscriptions and only update you once a day.  I could be wrong...

The big tickets items are:
  • I Tri Because I Can blog posts
  • Man Vs Triathlon site posts
  • Monthly email newsletter
  • subscription
If you hit those, you will be in the know!

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